Crossing the border

After a short hiatus Stoic Sundays is back! This week I challenged myself to a feat of national proportions – applying for a work visa at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. I’ve alluded to traffic as being a great place to practice Stoic reflection, and crossing the border struck me as another excellent venue to practice … Continue reading Crossing the border

Sick day

Our Stoic challenge this week is… having the flu!  Both Greg and I are under the weather today, so we haven’t had to come up with a particularly creative voluntary discomfort as nature has handed us this one on a platter. Nonetheless, being sick certainly makes you appreciate being healthy. We don’t recommend trying this … Continue reading Sick day

School of Hard Floors

For our Stoic Sundays challenge this week, we kicked off right at midnight deciding to do away with our bed for the night and sleep on the floor.  Min got nostalgic, and Greg learned that older generation Koreans are pretty much naturals on this one. Min’s experience:   For me, this was an interesting challenge … Continue reading School of Hard Floors