Visualizing Death: A surprising tool for positivity

Today we’re dealing with the too-taboo topic of death. This one’s not for everyone, but the Stoics recommended that we contemplate death often. In particular, they recommend that we contemplate our own death and that of those who are most important to us. If this topic makes you squeamish or uneasy… …it’s only because we’ve come to somehow … Continue reading Visualizing Death: A surprising tool for positivity

School of Hard Floors

For our Stoic Sundays challenge this week, we kicked off right at midnight deciding to do away with our bed for the night and sleep on the floor.  Min got nostalgic, and Greg learned that older generation Koreans are pretty much naturals on this one. Min’s experience:   For me, this was an interesting challenge … Continue reading School of Hard Floors

Our Stoic journey ahead.

Welcome to Stoic Sundays! This site is a chronicle as we, Greg and Min, try to become more resilient through the practice of Stoicism. Stoicism is an ancient Greek philosophy that was popular during the Roman Empire, and is gaining modern popularity, notably among entrepreneurs such as Tim Ferriss.  Stoicism values the use of rational thinking to overcome negative emotions and … Continue reading Our Stoic journey ahead.