Barefooting it

Brought to you in the glory of HD video – today’s Stoic challenge was one of Seneca’s favourites and a classic in voluntary discomfort. We went for a barefoot walk.

This challenge offers discomfort for the sake of being better able to endure discomfort. We brought along a split view camera to provide commentary throughout.

The cold of the ground was definitely an initial shock (I actually think that helped a bit to numb the sensations as the road we started on was pretty gravelly). Point: Greg for having calloused and conventionally undesirable feet.

We were tempted to turn around pretty quick into the walk. Min put on a brave face for the camera, but the stones were really digging into her feet.

Finally we reached a stretch of smooth pavement, and it was pretty surprising how amazing that felt.

I didn’t catch it on video, but we actually got fist-bumped by a guy on the street who said he used to go barefoot walking all the time because it was “good for the head and good for the heart.”

If you’re looking for a good quick way to put some temporary discomfort in your day, consider a barefoot walk, and let us know what kind of public endorsement you pick up along the way.

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